Open lab expo

The standard model of cosmology is an elegant work of art and a powerful piece of science. There is only one small problem: 95% of the mass of the universe is missing. So to make the theory work physicists have stipulated the existence of dark matter and energy; matter that we can’t see as it is invisible to the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

Many other dark matters have been conceived since the discovery of fire. Dark matters are the bits of magic we invent to make our theories and beliefs of the world work again. Dark matters are living proof that humans can creatively dream up what doesn’t exist yet. And while we fear the dark, it also attracts us. Because the dark matters.

Creative researchers from the Leiden University Media Technology MSc program will imagineer new realities, blending art, science and technology into a thought provoking, disorienting mix of dark matters, hosted in De Meelfabriek in Leiden.

This will not be a static expo, more a playful research lab that mixes scientific approaches to art with creative approaches to science and research, for all ages and audiences. The researchers work from personal inspiration and curiosity and create physical works to explore concepts and engage the visitor to evoke ideas or questions. Many installations are interactive, some are early studies and prototypes, others will be more polished end products. The creative researchers will be around to discuss the concepts, inspiration, ideas and methods behind their work, and even hack some more on the fly.

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